A Novel Approach to Supply the Water Reservoir Demand Based on a Hybrid Whale Optimization Algorithm

Alireza Donyaii, Amirpouya Sarraf, Hassan Ahmadi, Seyed Mahdi Seyed Kolbadi
2020 Shock and Vibration  
Managing water resources requires the optimum operation of dam reservoirs. To satisfy the downstream water demand in the operational optimization of Boostan dam reservoir, the improved whale optimization algorithm (IWOA) performance was compared in the present study with that of its constituents (i.e., the whale optimization and differential evolution) based on GAMS nonlinear programming results. The model evaluative indicators and an objective function were used to select the optimal
more » ... e optimal algorithm. The findings suggested that IWOA resulted in the lowest computational duration and fastest convergence rate compared to the other algorithms. Additionally, the average water demand and discharge volume of IWOA were 3.21 × 106 m3 and 3.03 × 106 m3, respectively. In contrast, the other algorithms yielded lower water release volumes. IWOA enhanced the WOA performance by 21.7% through reducing the variation coefficient by 78% in optimizing the objective function. The water demand was therefore more effectively satisfied by the IWOA compared to the other algorithms. Furthermore, the IWOA resulted in a lower amount of errors. The hybrid algorithm performance increased in terms of all the evaluative indicators. Developing multicriteria decision-making models using TOPSIS and the Shannon entropy also suggested the IWOA excels the other algorithms in optimizing the reservoir operational problem.
doi:10.1155/2020/8833866 fatcat:4diaklkmwveq3h2qmjivoa3yda