[Type text] [Type text] [Type text] Time series-based Chinese basketball reserve talents cultivation research

Yingui Geng
2014 unpublished
Though Chinese basketball event has achieved highly effective advancement in recent years, it still keeps big paces with developed countries; obtained results in some international main competitions are not going well. Importance causes for the phenomenon is shortage of Chinese basketball reserve talents resources. How to better cultivate Chinese basketball reserve talents becomes a crucial problem in Chinese sports. According to Chinese basketball development and basketball reserve talents
more » ... ivation status, the paper applies time series to make analysis and research on each sports school (take Hebei as an example) every year basketball aspect enrollment status, it gets enrollment is constantly decreasing, we should pay attention to the phenomenon. Make comparative analysis of Chinese basketball coaches' job titles, ages and education background levels as well as youth cultivation funds, it gets that Chinese basketball coaches status and national emphasis are urgently to be further strengthened.