Theoretical and experimental methods to select aircraft handling qualities

L. E. Zaichik, Y. P. Yashin, V. S. Perebatov, P. A. Desyatnik, C. Vallet, D. Choukroun, C. Philippe, G. Balas, A. Nebylov, O. Yanova
2013 Progress in Flight Dynamics, Guidance, Navigation, Control, Fault Detection, and Avionics   unpublished
A theoretical-experimental method is developed to analyze and adequately select aircraft handling qualities (HQ). A review is presented of the criteria developed by the authors to estimate the role of motion cues in controlling of an aircraft, and criteria to estimate the on-ground simulation ¦delity. The method is presented to translate on-ground simulation results into real §ight conditions.
doi:10.1051/eucass/201306003 fatcat:ibrzrn6qlfe75fjhdtyhe5tcze