Automated Cancer Marker Characterization in Human Plasma Using SUrface PLASMON Resonance in Array combined with Mass Spectrometry (SUPRA-MS)

Fabien Remy-Martin, Marven El Osta, Geraldine Lucchi, Rabah Zeggari, Therese Leblois, Sophie Bellon, Patrick Ducoroy, Wilfrid Boireau
2012 Procedia Chemistry  
The combination of Surface Plasmon Resonance technology with Mass Spectrometry becomes a key method for the characterization of targeted proteins in the fields of diagnosis and functional proteomics. We demonstrated in this work the ability of our SPRi-chip to capture targeted protein in biological fluids and in situ analyze by MS and MS/MS modes through automated procedure to go beyond classical immunoassays. Here, we established a proof of concept of SUPRA-MS for the detection, the
more » ... ion and the characterization of a potential breast cancer marker.
doi:10.1016/j.proche.2012.10.125 fatcat:ghknljllpbajbnwmma23gacmyu