What is Said of Our Prize Engraving

1870 Scientific American  
hand drawing. A few strokes with a piece of chalk or a lead them Irom wear. These improvements render thE! shees far pencil, performed by a trained hand will often do more more durable and serviceable than the old style. towards imparting a clear idea of what is desired than an The attachments of the weights to the back and front of the hour's talk; and a sketch 01 this kind has moreover the ad-armor have also received their share of improvement, which vantage that it can be left as a permanent
more » ... left as a permanent guide. when mere renders them much more secure and more quickly per oral instruction would be forgotten, and require repetition. for med.
doi:10.1038/scientificamerican02051870-97b fatcat:2nwcru7ddrb23nohgbliwrf2ey