A Tacholess Order Analysis Method for PMSG Mechanical Fault Detection with Varying Speeds

Erik Etien, Abdallah Allouche, Laurent Rambault, Thierry Doget, Sebastien Cauet, Anas Sakout
2021 Electronics  
This article deals with the detection of mechanical faults in synchronous machines from single current measurement at variable speed. The proposed approach is based on an order tracking method in which the analysis signal is sampled as a function of the mechanical angle. In this case, the spectral components become independent of the speed and the frequency analysis can be exploited. Order tracking is generally implemented from a position measurement. In this work we present a method that
more » ... us to estimate this position and the analysis signal from only one current measurement. The proposed approach allows an intuitive adjustment of the algorithm parameters. Secondly, a statistical method is used to finalize the diagnosis. At variable speed, this type of method is difficult to implement and we show that order tracking makes it possible to simplify the analysis. The procedure is tested in simulation and on a experimental test bench.
doi:10.3390/electronics10040418 fatcat:vjmmvzobcnbxxgjasv5a25fooe