About Ştefania Golopenţia and the Recovery of the Activity of the Sociological School in Bucharest

2013 Revista Română de Sociologie  
In this section, historian of sociology Ştefan Costea as well as former students such as historian of literature Cornelia Ştefănescu, novelists Maya Belciu and Nora Iuga, and Dr. Theodor Stihi and Sanda Orghidan Mihăescu recall the figure of Ştefania Cristescu Golopenţia as a sociologist and as a professor of Romanian language and literature. Ştefănescu, Belciu (in whose novel Are the Americans Coming?... Postponed Destiny, Ştefania Cristescu figures as a character) and Iuga were among the
more » ... students of St.C.G. at the end of the thirties or the beginning of the forties. Stihi and Orghidan recall the last years of her teaching career at the beginning of the sixties. Ştefan Costea speaks of Şt.C.G.'s retirement years, when she tried to publish both a selection of the works of her husband, sociologist Anton Golopenţia (tragically suppressed in the communist prisons in 1951), as well as the first anthology of letters addressed by A.G. to members of the Sociological School of Bucharest. Both volumes were published more than twenty years after Şt.C.-G.'s death.
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