Non-perturbative heterotic D = 6, 4, N = 1 orbifold vacua

G. Aldazabal, A. Font, L.E. Ibáñez, A.M. Uranga, G. Violero
1998 Nuclear Physics B  
We consider D=6, N=1, Z_M orbifold compactifications of heterotic strings in which the usual modular invariance constraints are violated. It is argued that in the presence of non-perturbative effects many of these vacua are nevertheless consistent. The perturbative massless sector can be computed explicitly from the perturbative mass formula subject to an extra shift in the vacuum energy. This shift is associated to a non-trivial antisymmetric B-field flux at the orbifold fixed points. The
more » ... erturbative piece is given by five-branes either moving in the bulk or stuck at the fixed points, giving rise to Coulomb phases with tensor multiplets. The heterotic duals of some Type IIB orientifolds belong to this class of orbifold models. We also discuss how to carry out this type of construction to the D=4, N=1 case and specific Z_M× Z_M examples are presented in which non-perturbative transitions changing the number of chiral generations do occur.
doi:10.1016/s0550-3213(98)00007-8 fatcat:s2dqkwflf5ajvcsezdnhkpoxgq