Online Filtering for Radar Detection of Meteors

Joao SEIXAS, Eric LEITE, Gustavo Alves, Fernando Marroquim, Helio Takai, Christina Vianna
2011 Proceedings of 13th International Workshop on Advanced Computing and Analysis Techniques in Physics Research — PoS(ACAT2010)   unpublished
This work addresses the development of algorithms for online automatic detection of meteors using radar technique. In time-domain, the optimal filtering technique is applied. In frequencydomain, two possibilities are being studied using Short-time Fast Fourier Transform: narrowband demodulation and cumulative power spectrum analysis. The filter detecting system using the power spectrum analysis achieves 94.2% efficiency for a false alarm rate of 6.7% over 1,500 seconds of data, which could avoid to record 3.45 GB of noise every 24 hours.
doi:10.22323/1.093.0049 fatcat:efvpe3uhmjd6jegvtfoyp3qj5a