A. Wetmore, M. W. Lyon
1916 Science  
Therefore i n parthenogenetic reproduction it seems t h a t the chromosomes FF, o r factors f o r femaleness, a r e eliminated at parturition, and t h e resulting zygote i s male. A n d so far, a s observed by t h e tests of breeding (regardless of color) t h e F, females (queens) produce drones of t h e constitution ffIiCc, a n d a r e heterozygous f o r the factors I a n d C with t h e allelomorphs i a n d c, whether in queen o r drone, a n d the only gametes t h a t c a n be formed f r o m
more » ... ese a r e IC I c iO ic, when such individuals a r e bred together, heterozygous workers, as well a s both pure dominants and pure recessives a r e produced, making it possible t o recover t h e pure line of either race used' in making the initial o r primary cross.
doi:10.1126/science.43.1122.941 fatcat:hjzxowkhq5frfgbnljvwjytqle