The Climatology Module CLIMAT [report]

Elton P. Avara, Bruce T. Miers, Alan E. Wetmore, Joy A. Fitzgerrel
1998 unpublished
The climatology module CLIMAT provides climatology data both in a stand-alone mode and as input to other modules of the Electro-Optical Systems Atmospheric Effects Library (EOSAEL). The climatology data include averages and standard deviations or percentages of occurrence of 11 meteorological surface parameters (temperature, dew-point temperature, absolute humidity, relative humidity, horizontal visibility, sea-level pressure, wind speed, wind direction, cloudbase height, cloud cover, and
more » ... ud cover, and Pasquill stability category) in each of 22 weather classes defined by obscuration type (such as rain, snow, and fog), visibility, absolute humidity, and cloud ceiling. u
doi:10.21236/ada349587 fatcat:t5klhxttizc3lg5vjysw7lvbay