Maximizing Drilling Performance With Real-Time Surveillance System Based on Parameters Optimization Algorithm

M Cui, M Sun, J Zhang, K Kang, Y Luo
2014 Advances in Petroleum Exploration and Development   unpublished
With deeper exploration and development of hydrocarbon reservoirs, a novel drilling parameters optimization algorithm, named as Navigation Optimization (NAVO) based on mechanical specific energy (MSE) theory, was investigated to continually improve the rate of penetration (ROP) and drilling performance. From the perspectives of rock mechanics and conservation of energy, the relationship among drilling parameters, ROP and MSE has been derived from comprehensive analysis of optimized drilling
more » ... anism. Based on the R.Teale MSE model, the specific energy concept, considering the effect of hydraulics energy on rock breaking efficiency, is further extended based on the hydro-mechanical specific energy (HMSE). With the principle of maximum ROP and minimum HMSE, drilling parameter recommendation model was established, and a real-time drilling optimization system was developed and named as DrillNAV. The DrillNAV system could monitor all dynamic drilling parameters during drilling operations and feed back the advisory for drillers in real time. A pilot test showed the use of DrillNAV provided about 35% higher ROP with identification of downhole vibrations. It showed that NAVO algorithm can optimize drilling parameters in real time, which can be used to drilling performance evaluation and rock breaking analysis so as to raise the ROP and reduce drilling cost.