Continuous operation of a one-way quantum key distribution system over installed telecom fibre

Z. L. Yuan, A. J. Shields
2005 Optics Express  
We demonstrate a robust, compact and automated quantum key distribution system, based upon a one-way Mach-Zender interferometer, which is actively compensated for temporal drifts in the photon phase and polarization. The system gives a superior performance to passive compensation schemes with an average quantum bit error rate of 0.87% and a duty cycle of 99.6% for a continuous quantum key distribution session of 19 hours over a 20.3km installed telecom fibre. The results suggest that actively
more » ... mpensated QKD systems are suitable for practical applications.
doi:10.1364/opex.13.000660 pmid:19488397 fatcat:nbzebv2yqrg5xlxd45lxpdadmu