PTU-31 Outcome from a prospective multicentre trial on real time optical diagnosis- blast study

Ejaz Hossain, Erik Schoon, Bu Hayee, Milan Stefanovic, Saskia Papa, Mohammed Abdelrahim, Pradeep Bhandari
2021 Posters   unpublished
duodenoscopy (OGD). Those who did, had higher red cell transfusion requirements than those who did not (median 1050 [IQR 150-1650] vs 0 [IQR 0-675]ml; p=0.019). 67% (8/12) had oesophageal or peptic ulceration but only 25%(2/8) required endotherapy. There was one re-bleed which required further endotherapy and one required embolisation. Overall mortality rate in the UGIB cohort is 41.3%. Increased age, heart rate and urea levels were significantly associated with death but not the UGIB status.
more » ... S was prolonged in the UGIB group compared to the non-UGIB group (15)(16)(17)(18)(19)(20)(21)(22)(23)(24)(25)(26)(27) vs 6 [IQR 3-14] days; p<0.001). Subgroup analysis of UGIB patients who underwent OGD compared to those managed conservatively showed no significant difference in mortality (44%vs 33%; p=0.735) or vs 16 [IQR 8-27] days; p=0.349). Conclusions The incidence of concurrent UGIB in patients with COVID-19 infection is low and our data suggests that UGIB does not increase the mortality rate in patients with COVID-19 but does increase LOS. Endoscopic intervention did not appear to affect mortality or LOS. Although numbers are small, this data suggests selection criteria used for endoscopy was justified.
doi:10.1136/gutjnl-2021-bsg.104 fatcat:6nwz333subc27kjbadtysre2me