Plasma Glutathione Peroxidase Activity as an Index of Renal Function

R. Schiavon, G. C. Guidi, S. Biasioli, Emanuela De Fanti, L. Targa
1994 Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine  
The kidney is a major source of the plasma enzyme glutathione peroxidase. We measured plasma glutathione peroxidase activity in 130 patients affected with difFerent renal diseases at various stages, and compared it with the following indices of kidney function: serum creatinine, creatinine clearance, and urinary excretion of a 1 -microglobulin, ß 2 -microglobulin, albumin and N-acetyl-ß-D-glucosaminidase. Plasma glutathione peroxidase activity appeared significantly reduced in most of the renal
more » ... diseases considered, and showed a significant correlation with most of the renal function indices. Linear discriminant analysis showed that the set of indices composed of plasma glutathione peroxidase activity, serum creatinine and creatinine clearance allowed the best classification of renal diseases. During treatment with the nephrotoxic aminoglycoside, tobramycin, plasma glutathione peroxidase activity showed an early and progressive decrease. We suggest the measurement of plasma glutathione peroxidase activity äs an adjunctive index for the assessment of kidney alterations.
doi:10.1515/cclm.1994.32.10.759 fatcat:ydsqi2p2kbfllhgxasksfoyvta