A nanostructual microwave probe used for atomic force microscope

Y. Ju, M. Hamada, T. Kobayashi, H. Soyama
2008 2008 Symposium on Design, Test, Integration and Packaging of MEMS/MOEMS  
In order to develop a new structure microwave probe, the fabrication of AFM probe on the GaAs wafer was studied. A waveguide was introduced by evaporating Au film on the top and bottom surfaces of the GaAs AFM probe. A tip having 8 µm high, and curvature radius about 50 nm was formed. The dimensions of the cantilever are 250×30×15 µm. The open structure of the waveguide at the tip of the probe was introduced by using FIB fabrication. AFM topography of a grating sample was measured by using the
more » ... sured by using the fabricated GaAs microwave probe. The fabricated probe was found having nanometer scale resolution, and microwave emission was detected successfully at the tip of the probe by approaching Cr-V steel and Au wire samples. I.
doi:10.1109/dtip.2008.4752974 fatcat:sikaopfz3jebrdvf3oihu54nca