Changes in the 6-minute Walking Distance of Perioperative Lung Cancer Patients

Hayato ISHIZAKA, Yuta MIZUSHIMA, Mizuki AKUTSU, Sumikazu AKIYAMA, Masayuki CHIDA, Akira KUBO, Hitoshi MARUYAMA
2016 Rigakuryoho Kagaku  
Purpose] The purpose of this study was to clarify the factors affecting the 6-minute walking distance (6MWD) of perioperative lung cancer patients. [Subjects] The subjects were 57 patients who underwent lung cancer resection. [Methods] 6MWD, as a measure of exercise tolerance, pulmonary function, and isometric knee extension force (IKEF), as a measure of muscle strength, were evaluated before and after surgery. The 6MWD was used as the dependent variable in multiple regression analysis.
more » ... ] The 6MWD was significantly reduced after surgery. Multiple regression analysis of preoperative 6MWD identified max PR (pulse rate), resting PR, age, %VC, resting dyspnea, and IKEF as significantly independent variables, while analysis of postoperative 6MWD identified age, SBP after walking, %VC, max PR, and resting dyspnea as significantly independent variables. [Conclusion] 6MWD results before surgery were affected by cardiac reserve capacity, age and %VC, while those following surgery were influenced by cardiac output, age and %VC.
doi:10.1589/rika.31.461 fatcat:sevyhoucfbhztcailmboeitb7y