Student destraction detection Project Thesis.pdf

Zeeshan Keerio
The objective of this Project was to build an automatic system that allowed the faculties to capture and make a summary of student behaviors and detect student weather attentive or distracted in the VLE as a part of data acquisition for the decision making process. Here, we present a system to detect the Distraction level of the students. It uses only information provided by the typical built-in web-camera present in a laptop computer, and was designed to work in real time. We combine
more » ... n about the movements of the eyes and head, and facial emotions to produce a concentration index with three classes of engagement: "very engaged", "nominally engaged" and "not engaged at all", and generates a notification.
doi:10.6084/m9.figshare.14130023.v1 fatcat:ednzq3ijrvbqfanofphdh4vyyq