A study on the Fashion Design with the Application of Nude Style of Architecture - Centering on the Ando Tadao's Architecture -
누드 건축 양식을 응용한 패션 디자인 연구 - 안도 다다오(Ando Tadao)의 건축물을 중심으로 -

Hye-Ra Rhee, Ho-Sup Kan
2012 The Korean Society of Costume  
For a long time, architecture has functioned as something that is inevitable for humans, a necessity that provides housing settings and living spaces for human lives. In the creation of art, architecture is a genre that has a field of infinite possibilities of endless inspirations of the present and the future with its unimaginable various styles and functions. This study aims at analyzing the figurative formation and characteristic expression style of nude architecture with modern fashion
more » ... n, reinterpreting it by a modern edge, and expressing it into an originative costume work. Furthermore, the purpose of this study is to provide a new motive for the potential of continuous development of modern fashion in the future through an endless study on artistic architecture that includes nude architecture and an originative expression style that will prepare a momentum that indicates the direction into a new line of fashion.
doi:10.7233/jksc.2012.62.3.039 fatcat:5fwvsizjozaqhhetjbmn7v2p2y