SVM based hysteresis current controller for a three phase active power filter

L.P. Ling, N.A. Azli
PECon 2004. Proceedings. National Power and Energy Conference, 2004.  
Absfract-a space vector modulation (SVM) based *hysteresis current controller (HCC) technique for a three phase shunt active power filter is proposed. The switching control algorithms of the proposed SVM based HCC manage to generate compensated current according to the reference current. Harmonics extraction is based on the instantaneous active and reactive power theorem in time domain by calcutating t h e power compensation. A closed loop control system is implemented and the error current is
more » ... he difference between the reference current obtained from the power compensation and the actual current that needs to be injected back into the line. By iniplementing this control strategy, the active power filter (APF) manages 'to generate better compensated harmonics currents to the line.
doi:10.1109/pecon.2004.1461630 fatcat:qcgd2o5hcffwjcj73n52sqhphq