Licensed Under Creative Commons Attribution CC BY Touch Panel Based Restaurant Automation System using Zigbee

V V Joshi, Uttej Badawane, Faisal Ahmed, Nadim Shaikh
2013 International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR)   unpublished
Communication is purposeful activity of exchanging information and data across a time and space. Communication we use in our day to day life to exchange information which requires sender, receiver, message and medium. Also the automation is growing very drastically where it tends to bridge between mechanical and electronic parts. Due to the automation there is lot of advancement is happening in industry like bottle filling plant, railway ticket booking etc. On the other hand touch screen
more » ... ogy is also going ahead in implementing tasks easily and quickly. In today's world due to advancement of this kind of technologies we require to serve people user friendly and as quick as possible. So taking the advantages of these technologies we can implement the system in restaurants which can overcome the disadvantages of ordering food in conventional method. In conventional method we have to wait for waiter to take order which tends to wasting of time and human errors too. So using advantages of Zigbee as a wireless device one can implement automated ordering system in restaurant with reducing human power need.