Association Analysis among Fungi Colonizing Wheat Crop Residues During Decomposition for Sustainable and Environment-Friendly Management of Renewable Natural Resources

2021 Biointerface Research in Applied Chemistry  
The interspecific associations between selected fungal species were calculated based on assumption; the species occurring together in Petri dishes during isolation from litter might be associated as well. Each Petridis was considered as a quadrate for association analysis. The presence and absence of different species in Petri dishes at different sampling dates were recorded as done in grasslands by the quadrate method. In the present study, the interspecific association between 16 fungal
more » ... een 16 fungal species was evaluated, which was isolated during the decomposition of above-ground residues of wheat crop. A sum of 136 combinations was analyzed. The chi-square (χ2) values were calculated to assess the significance of association (positive or negative), and the coefficient of association (V) was also enumerated to find out the extent of association between species in nature. Any organism was influenced by abiotic and biotic factors constituting its environment. The fungi are no exception; the colonization of a substrate by a fungus and its survival and multiplication depends upon the environment it gets. Therefore, before using any fungus as a bioinoculant, we must make sure that other microbes, especially the fungi already present on the substrate, do not negatively impact it. An analysis of the association between species colonizing the substrate would help determine the bioinoculant to be used for the degradation of organic waste in the interest of the environment to make it safe for everyone.
doi:10.33263/briac115.1375413764 fatcat:lbk5opylr5bmdo5dhye4meofay