Vibrations of the Euler–Bernoulli Beam Under a Moving Force based on Various Versions of Gradient Nonlocal Elasticity Theory: Application in Nanomechanics

Śniady Paweł, Katarzyna Misiurek, Olga Szyłko-Bigus, Idzikowski Rafał
2020 Studia Geotechnica et Mechanica  
AbstractTwo models of vibrations of the Euler–Bernoulli beam under a moving force, based on two different versions of the nonlocal gradient theory of elasticity, namely, the Eringen model, in which the strain is a function of stress gradient, and the nonlocal model, in which the stress is a function of strains gradient, were studied and compared. A dynamic response of a finite, simply supported beam under a moving force was evaluated. The force is moving along the beam with a constant velocity.
more » ... constant velocity. Particular solutions in the form of an infinite series and some solutions in a closed form as well as the numerical results were presented.
doi:10.2478/sgem-2019-0049 fatcat:2wbcoumg7rhfnp4iek5ngyq224