Disintegration of Coke by Mechanical Impact under Gasification Reaction

1988 Tetsu to hagane  
In order to clarify the behavior of fines in blast furnace, fundamental experiments were performed on the disintegration of coke during gasification reaction accompanied by mechanical impact. The following results were obtained : (1) Coke fines of high ash content are generated with the progress of gasification, which suggests the close correlation between generation of coke fines and gasification. (2) Generation of coke fines increases remarkably when the mechanical impact strength is beyond a
more » ... critical value. (3) Reaction temperature, gas composition and coke size also affect the generation of coke fines by varying the rate of gasification. A mathematical model is made using the rate equation of coke fine generation deduced from the experimental results. The calculated results agree well with the experimental results. The model, therefore, can be applied for the investigation of the bahavior of coke fines in blast furnace.
doi:10.2355/tetsutohagane1955.74.4_624 fatcat:sfxzhusvgfhuzdadh3skxxdauu