Validity of power functionals for a homogeneous electron gas in reduced-density-matrix-functional theory

A. Putaja, F. G. Eich, T. Baldsiefen, E. Räsänen
2016 Physical Review A  
Physically valid and numerically efficient approximations for the exchange and correlation energy are critical for reduced density-matrix functional theory to become a widely used method in electronic structure calculations. Here we examine the physical limits of power functionals of the form $f(n,n')=(n n')^\alpha$ for the scaling function in the exchange-correlation energy. To this end we obtain numerically the minimizing momentum distributions for the three- and two-dimensional homogeneous
more » ... ional homogeneous electron gas, respectively. In particular, we examine the limiting values for the power $\alpha$ to yield physically sound solutions that satisfy the Lieb-Oxford lower bound for the exchange-correlation energy and exclude pinned states with the condition $n({\mathbf k})<1$ for all wave vectors ${\mathbf k}$. The results refine the constraints previously obtained from trial momentum distributions. We also compute the values for $\alpha$ that yield the exact correlation energy and its kinetic part for both the three- and two-dimensional electron gas. In both systems, narrow regimes of validity and accuracy are found at $\alpha\gtrsim 0.6$ and at $r_s\gtrsim 10$ for the density parameter, corresponding to relatively low densities.
doi:10.1103/physreva.93.032503 fatcat:jkeamtwzkrfxxcpbzep242qzje