Streptomyces, Greek Habitats and Novel Pharmaceuticals: A Promising Challenge

Paris Laskaris, Amalia D. Karagouni
2021 Microbiology Research  
Bacteria of the genus Streptomyces produce a very large number of secondary metabolites, many of which are of vital importance to modern medicine. There is great interest in the discovery of novel pharmaceutical compounds derived from strepomycetes, since novel antibiotics, anticancer and compounds for treating other conditions are urgently needed. Greece, as proven by recent research, possesses microbial reservoirs with a high diversity of Streptomyces populations, which provide a rich pool of
more » ... strains with potential pharmaceutical value. This review examines the compounds of pharmaceutical interest that have been derived from Greek Streptomyces isolates. The compounds reported in the literature include antibiotics, antitumor compounds, biofilm inhibitors, antiparasitics, bacterial toxin production inhibitors and antioxidants. The streptomycete biodiversity of Greek environments remains relatively unexamined and is therefore a very promising resource for potential novel pharmaceuticals.
doi:10.3390/microbiolres12040061 fatcat:homn4tgeajfitnrhktdky6hgni