Novel Fabrication Tools for Dynamic Compression Targets with Engineered Voids Using Photolithography Methods [post]

Silvia Pandolfi, Thomas Carver, Daniel Hodge, Andrew FT Leong, Kelin Kurzer-Ogul, Philip Hart, Eric Galtier, Dimitri Khaghani, Eric Cunningham, Bob Nagler, Hae Ja Lee, Cindy Bolme (+15 others)
2022 unpublished
Mesoscale imperfections, such as pores and voids, can strongly modify the properties and the mechanical response of materials under extreme conditions. Tracking the material response and microstructure evolution during void collapse is crucial for understanding its performance. In particular, imperfections in ablator materials, such as voids, can limit the efficiency of the fusion reaction and ultimately hinder ignition. To characterize how voids influence the response of materials during
more » ... c loading and seed hydrodynamic instabilities, we have developed a tailored fabrication procedure for designer targets with voids at specific locations. Our procedure uses SU-8 as a proxy for ablators materials and hollow silica microspheres as proxy for voids and pores. By using photolithography to design the targets’ geometry, we demonstrate precise and highly reproducible placement of a single void within the sample, which is key for a detailed understanding of its behavior under shock compression. This fabrication technique will benefit high-repetition rate experiments at x-ray and laser facilities. Insight from shock compression experiments will provide benchmarks for the next generation of microphysics modelling.
doi:10.20944/preprints202208.0038.v1 fatcat:ufku6iispndrrdt6rpkedpc3xm