Sensation transference from plateware to food: The sounds and tastes of plates

Yi-Chuan Chen, Andy T. Woods, Charles Spence
2018 The International Journal of Food Design  
The 13th annual Asia Pacific Conference on Vision was held in Tainan, Taiwan. The APCV2017 organizing committees have put together a full and exciting meeting this year with over 161 presentations, including three invited keynote speech, six invited symposia, four self-organized symposia, six oral sessions and three poster sessions. There were 189 researchers from 18 different countries who presented work on a broad range of vision science. The organizing committee thank them all for their
more » ... ibutions. The Abstracts are provided below. Keynote talks are presented first and then the others are listed by session. Hubel and Wiesel, Nobel Laureates in 1981, were the first to discover that columns exist in the visual cortex representing left and right eye inputs (ocular dominance columns), and they also found that there is a critical period for visual development that occurs within the first year of life. More recently, however, it has become clear that some plasticity remains into adulthood. Recent work shows that this plasticity extends to monocular contrast sensitivity as well as ocular dominance (OD) in adults, which could potentially lead to direct therapeutic benefit. Neuroplastic changes can occur as the result of perceptual training, non-invasive brain stimulation or short-term visual deprivation. Short-term visual deprivation in adults improves sensitivity of the deprived eye and reduces sensitivity of the non-deprived eye, allowing the two eyes' inputs to be rebalanced at the level of binocular integration. In this talk, I will review the evidence for adult cortical plasticity using a variety of approaches.
doi:10.1386/ijfd.3.1.41_1 fatcat:k6ftuwjokfbbbh6zygz5b4eowq