Assessment of nutritional properties of rice flour chapatti

Riaz Mari, Saghir Sheikh, Shahzor Khaskheli, Faraz Pathan, Aneela, Saira Memon, Sajjad Ahmed
2018 National Journal of Advanced Research   unpublished
The study was carried out to evaluate "Assessment of nutritional properties of rice flour chapatti" during the year 2015-16 in the laboratory of the Institute of Food Sciences and Technology, Faculty of Crop Production, Sindh Agriculture University Tandojam. Two varieties of rice flour shadab and shua were used in this study. The result indicated that highest values in all parameters for pH content, moisture content, ash content, fat content, protein content, fiber and carbohydrate were
more » ... ydrate were significant (P<0.05) as compared to the shadab flour. The shua chapatti contained highest pH content 6.5, moisture content 12.32, ash content 1.20, fat content 0.96, protein content 2.87, fiber 2.21and highest carbohydrate 84.33 were recorded respectively. Whereas the results of shadab chapatti contained lowest pH content 5.58, moisture content 11.26, ash content 1.07, fat content 0.75, protein content 2.31, fiber 1.58 and highest carbohydrate 81.55 respectively. Sensory analysis showed the highest score 8.80 Color, Taste 8.43, aroma 8.30, texture 8.56 and 8.83 for overall acceptability respectively were recorded in shua rice flour chapatti as compared to the shadab rice flour chapatti.