Dissolution, replenishment and vital organ: Liver in Unani perspective

Mohd Bakar, Nadeem Tariq, Khan, Mohd Bakar, Tariq Khan
2017 209 International Journal of Physiology   unpublished
Liver is a vital organ of the body. In the Unani System of Medicine all Unani Physicians and scholar has more emphasize on liver because it is a seat of natural faculty (Quwwat Ṭabiyya) and produce Humour (Akhlaṭ), which provide replenishment (badl maya taḥallal) to all organs of the body. According to Unani medicine formation of Humours occurs in Liver, when the temperaments and texture of liver is normal then produced humour is normal, if the temperaments and texture of the liver is deranged,
more » ... abnormal Akhlat are produced which may result in the disease causation. In Unani System medicine most of the disease produce by abnormal Akhlat and in the treatment of most of the disease some drugs are used for correction of temperament of Liver and protection of adverse effect.