Gandhian Concept of Ram Rajya: The Utopian State

R Saini
2015 unpublished
Politics is the last refuge of scoundrels is too blunt but today at times seems true. The onus of establishing the Ram Rajya truly and honestly lies on our politicians. But sadly there is difference between their words and actions. Ram Rajya simply means an adarsh rajya or principled rule and is not the rule of a Hindu king or Hindu elite but of all and for all. Gandhiji had a message hidden in it for all the political parties who today have forgot to keep themselves available to those who have
more » ... e to those who have chosen them to rule. Ram Rajya conveys a sense of duty on those sitting at the helm of public institutions to set the highest of moral and ethical values. The present paper aims to present this concept of Gandhiji in the fond hope that one day it will prick the conscience of our incorrigible politicians.