OpenDaylight and OpenNebula integration: Testing traffic management

Omayma Belkadi, Alexandru Vulpe, Yassin Laaziz, Simona Halunga
2020 Telfor Journal  
Software-Defined Networking (SDN) and Cloud Computing are now two of the most adopted technologies, on which many organizations are working to enhance every day. For instance, SDN is particularly emerging to solve networking complexity in cloud data centers, so we see many attempts to integrate Network and Cloud Managers. In this paper, we address an integration of these two technologies, particularly a yet undiscussed combination of two popular frameworks: OpenNebula and OpenDaylight. These
more » ... n source solutions are widely used for cloud management and network management, yet there are no developed modules for communication between the two. Therefore, we propose a simple way for OpenDaylight to manage OpenNebula's compute nodes, using a common component they both support: OpenvSwitch. We compared OpenNebula with the popular OpenStack cloud manager, as it is attracting more attention in both academia and industry, by evaluating some relevant time metrics and discussing the differences of the proposed technologies. Then, we deployed a test topology to conduct some traffic management techniques in this integration. Our results show that OpenNebula's deployment time as well as clean-up time is significantly lower than OpenStack, but OpenStack takes less time to the running state, besides proving the simplicity of traffic management in OpenNebula using OpenDaylight.
doi:10.5937/telfor2002074b fatcat:qpu7w3zjdvfz7ftktv6wlqyin4