Non Invasive Treatment to Relieve the Pain due to Headaches & Sinus using Vibration on Acupressure Points

2019 International Journal of Engineering and Advanced Technology  
Headache is a common term that causes pain in the region of head, neck, and scalp. It is a neurological disorder. The nerves are tending to be in under stress condition. The main causes of the headache are due to stress, depression, tension, anxiety and due to some climatic changes, etc. Headache is classified into different types. Migraine, cluster headache, sinus, normal headache are some of the types of headache. Most headaches can be treated with some medication and neuro stimulator
more » ... stimulator devices. This paper involves the usage of vibration by non-invasive method on the acupressure point of the human body which can relief the pain. The acupressure point is a pressure point, when used in a correct method will lead to decrease the level of pain. The vibration is provided by the motor vibrator and the frequency of the vibration is controlled by the arduino (Atmega 328). Frequency changes can be monitored by the pc. This vibration based treatment will effectively reduce the pain and also the device is cost effective and more comfortable to the patient.
doi:10.35940/ijeat.a1129.1291s419 fatcat:smsqn4fm2jfldkroujdn5hzcqm