Change in physiological cellular state of halophilic Bacillus sp. under long marine stress starvation conditions

Abdelkarim Mahdhi
2012 African Journal of Microbiology Research  
The aim of this study is to give insight about the effect of long marine stress starvation conditions in the physiological responses of three potential halophilic probiotic Bacillus isolates isolated from Artemia culture. Bacteria were cultured in sterilized seawater and incubated at ambient temperature for one year. The obtained results showed that the isolates viability was maintained during the studied period. Compared to normal cells, starved cells increased their adhesive ability and cell
more » ... urface hydrophobicity. Our data demonstrated that the tested isolates maintained their enzymatic profile in non-starvation conditions and under stress conditions they expressed enzymes like esterase lipase (C8), amylase, lipase, and caseinase. The present finding suggests that the tested strains have developed strategies that allow them to overcome stressful conditions in the absence of nutrients and makes them as a potential candidate probiotics.
doi:10.5897/ajmr12.1139 fatcat:hqrxpcx7bncypixgmredivxhhi