Studies of the Second Byurakan Survey Galaxies. I. Mergers, Interacting Systems, and Close Pairs

Artashes Petrosian, Brian McLean, Ronald J. Allen, Claus Leitherer, John MacKenty, Nino Panagia
2002 Astronomical Journal  
This paper reports on a study of the morphological characteristics of several samples of galaxies drawn from the 1401 objects which comprise the Second Byurakan Survey (SBS). These samples have been chosen to provide information for studies of the relation between galaxy interactions and galaxy star formation activity. Our samples include 110 SBS galaxies in 107 mergers, 58 SBS galaxies in 47 interacting systems, and 49 SBS galaxies in 30 close pairs (projected separations DD 50 kpc and radial
more » ... 50 kpc and radial velocity differences DV 600 km s À1 ). Data are also presented for eight SBS galaxies forming four wider pairs (DD 100 kpc and DV 700 km s À1 ), and 15 SBS galaxies forming five triplets (DD 100 kpc and DV 900 km s À1 ). Four, and possibly another three SBS galaxies, may be satellites of larger galaxies. Finally, six other SBS objects are possibly H ii regions in their host galaxies.
doi:10.1086/339980 fatcat:em5rjkexbrfrzakbugsglr7lme