General index, 1965-1974: Research announcements

1975 Bulletin of the American Mathematical Society  
Throughout this Index, bold face numerals are used to denote the volume number; light face numerals denote pages. RESEARCH ANNOUNCEMENTS Aarnes, Johan F., Frobenius reciprocity ofdifferentiable representations, 80, 337 Ablow, C. M. and Kaylor, D. J., Inconsistent homogeneous linear inequalities, 71, 724 Abrahamse, M. B., Toeplitz operators in multiply connected regions, 77', 449 Adams, David R. and Meyers, Norman G., Bessel potentials. Inclusion relations among classes of exceptional sets, 77,
more » ... 68 Adler, Andrew and Williams, R. Douglas, Restricted ideals in rings of analytic functions, 80,169 Agoston, Max K., The reducibility of Thorn complexes and surgery on maps of degree d, 77, 106 Aharonov, Dov, A note on slit mappings, 75, 836 , On Bieberbach Eilenberg functions, 76, 101 Ahern, P. R. and Clark, D. N., On star-invariant subspaces, 76, 629 Ahmad, Shair, Periodically perturbed conservative systems, 80,122 Aigner, Martin and Dowling, Thomas A., Matching theorems for combinatorial geometries, 76, 57 Akemann, C. A., Projections onto separable C*subalgebras of a W*-algebra, 73, 925 Akiba, Tadatoshi, Homotopy types of some PL complexes, 77, 1060 Akutowicz, Edwin J., On mean-periodicity, 74, 698 Albertson, Michael O. and Wilf, Herbert S., Boundary values in chromatic graph theory, 79, 464 Alexander, H., Uniform algebras on curves, 75, 1269 Alexander, J. P., Hamrick, G. C. and Vick, J. W., Bilinear forms and cyclic group actions, 80, 730 Alexander, J. P., Conner, P. E., Hamrick, G. C. and Vick, J. W., Witt classes of integral representations of an Abelian p-group, 80, 1179 Alexanderson, G. L. and Wetzel,.John E., Dissections of a simplex, 79, 170 Allan, Nelo D., On the commensurability class of the Siegel modular group, 74, 115 , Hecke rings of congruence subgroups, 78, 541 Allard, William K., On boundary regularity for Plateau's problem, 75, 522 , A regularity theorem for the first variation of the area integrand, 77, 772 Allegretto, W. and Swanson, C. A., Sturm comparison theorems for elliptic inequalities, 75, 1318 Allen, H. P., Jordan algebras and Lie algebras of type D4, 72(1), 65 , Invariant splittings in nonassociative algebras'. A Hop f approach, 78, 245 Allen, H. P. and Ferrar, J. C, New simple Lie algebras of type D4, 74, 478 Allenby, R. B. J. T. and Tang, C. Y., On the Frattini subgroups of generalized free products, 80, 119 Ailing, Norman and Greenleaf, Newcomb, Klein surfaces and real algebraic function fields 75, 869 Almgren, F. J., Jr., Three theorems on manifolds with bounded mean curvature, 71, 755 , Existence and regularity of solutions to elliptic calculus of variations problems among surfaces of varying topological type and singularity structure, 73, 576 Alpert, Seth R. See Gross, Jonathan L. Amdursky, V., The existence of solutions to classical variational problems without assuming convexity, 78, 394 An, Chung-ming, On a generalization of gamma function and its application to certain Dirichlet series, 75, 562 Anderson, D. W., A generalization of the Eilenberg-Moore spectral sequence, 78, 784 Anderson, D.W., Brown, E.H., Jr. and Peterson, F. P., Spin cobordism, 72, 256 Anderson, Douglas R., A property of the L2norm o f a convolution, 72, 693 , Generalized product theorems for torsion invariants with applications to flat bundles, 78, 465 Anderson, J. H., Derivation ranges and the identity, 79, 705 Anderson, R. D., Hilbert space is homeomorphic to the countable infinite product of lines, 72, 515 , Strongly negligible sets in Frèchet manifolds, 75, 64 Anderson, R. D. and Schori, R., A factor theorem for Frèchet manifolds, 75, 53 Anderson, William N., Jr. See Markley, Nelson G. Anderson, Karl Gustav, Propagation of analyticity for solutions of differential equations of principal type, 78, 479 de Andrade, Rubens Leab, Complete convex hypersurfaces of a Hilbert space, 80, 576 André, Michel, Nonnoetherian complete intersections, 78, 724 Andrea, S. A., On homeomorphisms of the plane, and their embedding in flows, 71, 381 Andrews, J.J. and Lomonaco, S. J., The second homotopy group of spun 2-spheres in 4-space, 75, 169 Andrews, J.J. and Rubin, Leonard, Some spaces whose product with E^ is E* t 71, 675 Anh, Nguyen Huu, Algebraic groups with square-integrable representations, 80, 539 Anshel, Michael, The endomorphisms of cer-1 2 INDEX-VOLUMES 71-80 tain one-relator groups and the generalized Hopfian problem, 77, 348 Anshel, Michael and Clay, James R., Planarity in algebraic systems, 74, 746 Anshel, Michael and Steve, Peter, The solvability of the conjugacy problem for certain HNN groups, 80, 266 Antonelli, P. L., On the stable diffeomorphism of homotopy spheres in the stable range, n < 2p, IS, 343 Antonelli, P. L., Burghelea, D. and Kahn, P. J., Gromoll groups, Diff S n and bilinear constructions of exotic spheres, 76, 772 with positive coefficients and imbeddings of projective spaces, 74, 301 Asplund, Edgar, Positivity of duality mappings, 73, 200 ; See Namioka, I. Assmus, E. F., Jr. and Mattson, H. F., Jr. Disjoint Steiner systems associated with the Mathieu groups, 72, 843 Athreya, Krishna B. and Karlin, Samuel, Branching processes with random environments, 76, 865 Atiyah, M. F. and Bott, R., A Lefschetz fixed point formula for elliptic differential operators, 72,245 , The nonfinite type of some DiffQM* 1 , Ault, Janet and Petrich, Mario, The structure 76,1246 of (^-regular semigroups, 77, 196 Concordance-homotopy groups and Auslander, Louis and Baumslag, Gilbert, Automorphism groups of finitely generated nilpotent groups, 73, 716 Auslander, Louis and Brezin, Jonathan, Invariant sub space theory for three-dimensional nilmanifolds, 78, 255 Auslander, L. and Kostant B., Quantization and representations of solvable Lie groups, 73, 692 Auslander, L. and Tolimieri, R., On a conjecture of G. D. Mostow and the structure of solv-manifolds, 75, 1330 the nonfinite type of some DiffQM", 77, 719 Ar, Ergun, The solution spaces for integral equations of the scattering theory, 73, 663 Argabright, Loren and Gil de Lamadrid, Jesus, Fourier transforms of unbounded measures, 77, 355 Arkeryd, Leif, An existence theorem for a modified space-inhomogeneous, nonlinear Boltzmann equation, 78, 610 Ar ko wit z, Martin, A homological method for Ax, James, A field of cohomological dimencomputing certain Whitehead products, 74, 1079 Arment rout, Steve, Cellular decompositions of 3-manifolds that yield 3-manifolds, IS 453 Armstrong, M. A. and Zeeman, E. C, Piecewise linear transversality, 73, 184 Arnold, David M., Grothendieck and White-sion 1 which is not Cj, 71, 717 Azof f, Edward A. and Girfeather, Frank, Measurable choice and the invariant subspace problem, 80, 893 Babbitt, Donald G., Wiener integral representations for certain semigroups which have infinitesimal generators with matrix coefficients, 73, 394 head groups of torsion free abelian groups Bachmuth, Seymour and Mochizuki, Horace 79, 723 Y., Cyclotomic ideals in group rings, 72, Arnold, Jimmy T. and Gilmer, Robert, Di-1018 mension sequences for commutative rings, Bachmuth, Seymour, Mochizuki, Horace Y., 79, 407 and Walkup, David, A nonsolvable group Arnold, Ludwig and Michalicek, Johannes, of exponent 5, 76, 638 On the norm of stable measures, 74, 364 Baernstein, Albert II, Proof of Erdei's spread conjecture, 78, 277 Bailey, Paul, Shampine, Lawrence F., and Waltman, Paul, Existence and uniqueness of solutions to the second order boundary value problem, 72(1), 96 Baily, Walter L., Jr., An exceptional arithmetic group and its Eisenstein series, 75, 402 Aron, Richard M., Holomorphic functions on balanced subsets of a Banach space, 78, 624 Aron, Richard M. and Schottenloher, Martin, Compact holomorphic mappings on Banach spaces and the approximation property, 80, 1245 Aronson, D. G., Bounds for the fundamental Bak, Anthony, The computation of surgery solution of a parabolic equation, 73, 890 groups of odd torsion groups, 80, 1113 Arraut, J. L., Note on structural stability, 72,Baker, Kirby A., Equational axioms for classes 542 of lattices, 77, 97 Arveson, William B., An algebraic conjugacy Ball, B. J. and Sher, R. B., A theory of proper invariant for measure-preserving transform-shape for locally compact metric spaces, ations, 73, 121 79, 1023 -, On subalgebras of C*-algebras, IS, Ball, Joseph A., Factorization and invariant 790 , Unitary invariants for compact operators, 76, 88 , Lattices of invariant subspaces, 78, 515 Ash, J. Marshall and Weiland, Grant V., Convergence, summability, and uniqueness of multiple trigonometric series, 77, 123 Askey, Richard, Jacobi polynomial expansions Banks, H. T., A maximum principle f or opt-subspaces for noncontractions, 80, 896 Balogh, Charles B., Uniform asymptotic expansions of the modified Bessel function of the third kind of large imaginary order, 72(1), 40 Bang, Chang Mo, A classification of modules over complete discrete valuation rings, 76, 380 RESEARCH ANNOUNCEMENTS 3 imal control problems with functional dif-second fundamental theorem for meroferential systems, 75, 158 morphic minimal surfaces, 76, 711 Baouendi, M. S. and Gaoulaouic, C, Nonana-Becker, J. C. and Schultz, R. E., Spaces of lytic-hypoellipticity for some degenerate elliptic operators, 78, 483 Barbosa, Joao Lucas Marques, On minimal immersions of S 2 in S* m , 79, 110 Barbosa, J. L and do Carmo, M., Stable minimal surfaces, 80, 581 Barnes, Bruce Alan, An annihilator algebra which is not dual, 71, 573 Barr, Michael, A note on commutative algebra cohomology, 74, 310 Barrar, R. B., Loeb, H. L. and Werner, H., Optimal integration-formulas for analytic functions, 79, 1296 Barratt, M. G., On T-structures, 77, 1099 Barrow, David L. See Stroud, A. H. Battle, Robert G. and Kariotis, Constantine A., Local spectral mapping theorems, 79, 414 Batt, J urge n, Strongly additive transformations and integral representations with measures of nonlinear operators, 78, 474 Bass, Charles D. and Daverman, Robert J., A self-universal crumpled cube which is not universal, 76, 740 Baum, Leonard E. and Eagon, Jay A., An inequality with applications to statistical estimation for probabilistic functions of equivariant self-equivalences of spheres, 79, 158 Behrems, M., The corona conjecture for a class of infinitely connected domains, 76, 387 Bellman, Richard and Brown, Thomas A., Projective metrics in dynamic programming, 71, 773 Beltrami, E. J. and Wohlers, M. R. A factorization theorem for holomorphic functions of polynomial growth in a half plane, 71, 753 Bender, Edward A. and Herzberg, Norman P., Symmetric matrices, characteristic polynomials, and Hubert symbols over local number fields, 79, 518 Ben-Israel A. and Charnes, A., On the intersections of cones and subspaces, 74, 541 Ben-Israel, A., Charnes, A. and Kortanek, K. O., Duality and asymptotic solvability over cones, 75, 318 Bennett, Colin, Estimates for weak-type operators, 79, 933 Berens, H., Butzer, P. L. and Westphal U., Representation of fractional powers of infinitesimal generators of semigroups, 74, 191 Markov processes and to a model for ecol Berenstein, C. A. and Dostal, M. A., Fourier ogy, 73, 360 transforms of the Beurling classes, D w Baumert, L. D., Hadamard matrices of orders E^ 77, 963 116 and 232, 72, 237 , A lower estimate for exponential Baumert, L. D. and Hall, Marshall, Jr., A new sums, 80, 687 construction for Hadamard matrices, 71, Berg, I. D. and Rubel, L. A., Densities on 169 Baumslag, Gilbert, Residually finite one-relator groups, 73, 618 , Some groups that are just about free, 73, 621 , More groups that are just about free, 74, 752 , On finitely presented metabelian groups, 78, 279 See Auslander, Louis Beale, J. Thomas and Rosencrans, Steven I., Acoustic boundary conditions, 80, 1276 -Beals, Richard, On eigenvalue distributions for elliptic operators without smooth co-efficients, 72, 701 , Global asymptotic estimates for elliptic spectral functions and eigenvalues, -74, 358 • , On eigenvalue distributions for elliptic operators without smooth coefficients. • II, 74, 1022 , Mixed boundary value problems for nonstrict hyperbolic equations, 78, 520 Bear, H. S., Continuous selection of representing measures, 76, 366 Beardon, A. F., The Hausdorff dimension of singular sets of properly discontinuous groups in N-dimensional space, 71, 610 Beck, Anatole, Plane flows with few stagnation points, 71, 886 , Conditional independence, 80, 1169 Beckenbach, E. F. and Cootz, T. A., The locally compact Abelian groups, 74, 298 Berger, C. A. and Coburn, L. A., C*-algebras of translations and multipliers, 74, 1008 , One-parameter semigroups of isometries, 76, 1125 Berger, C. A. and Shaw, B. I., Self-commutators of multicyclic hyponormal operators are always trace class, 79, 1193 Berger, Melvyn S., An eigenvalue problem for quasi-linear elliptic partial differential equations, 71, 171 , Orlicz spaces and nonlinear elliptic eigenvalue problems, 71, 898 An application of the calculus of variations in the large to the equations of nonlinear elasticity, 73, 520 , On nonlinear perturbations of the eigenvalues of a compact self-adjoint operator, 73, 704 , On one parameter families of real solutions of nonlinear operator equations, 75, 456 , On periodic solutions of nonlinear hyperbolic equations and the calculus of variations, 76, 633 , On Morse theory and stationary states for nonlinear wave equations, 76, 827 On Hermitian structures of prescribed nonpositive Hermitian scalar curvature, 78, 734 . See Fraenkel, L. E. Berger, Melvyn S. and Fife, Paul C, On Von INDEX-VOLUMES 71-80 Karman's equations and the buckling of a thin elastic plate, 72, 1006 Berger, Melvyn S. and Meyers, Norman G., On a system of nonlinear partial differential equations arising in mathematical economics, 72,954 Berger, Melvyn S. and Podolak, E., On nonlin-earFredholm operator equations, 80, 861 Berger, Melvyn S. and Schechter, Martin, L p embedding and nonlinear eigenvalue problems for unbounded domains, 76, 1299 , On the solvability of semilinear operator equations and elliptic boundary value problems, 78, 741 Berman, Simeon M., Local nondeterminism and local times of Gaussian processes, 79, 475 Berman, Stephen, Abstract wave equations with finite velocity of propagation, 77, 1011 Bernau, S. J., Lateral completion for arbitrary lattice groups, 80, 334 Berndt, Bruce C, A note on the number of integral ideals of bounded norm in a quadratic num ber field, 75, 1283 , On the average order of some arithmetical functions, 76, 856 , On the average order of ideal functions and other arithmetical functions, 76, 1270 Bers, Lipman, On spaces ofRiemann surfaces with nodes, 80, 1219 Berstein, Israel, Involutions with nonzero Arf invariant, 74, 678 Bhattacharya, R. N., Berry-Esseen bounds for the multidimensional central limit theorem, 74, 285 Bichteler, Klaus, On sequences of measures, 80, 839 Bierstone, Edward, An equivariant version of Gromov*s theorem, 79, 924 Billera, Louis J., Existence of general bargaining sets for cooperative games without side payments, 76, 375 Billera, Louis J. and Bixby, Robert E., Market representations of n-person games, 80, 522 Billotti, J. E. and LaSalle, J. P., Dissipative periodic processes, 77, 1082 Binmore, K. G. and Katz, Mel vin, A note on the strong law of large numbers, 74, 941 Bird, Elliott H., Automorphism groups of partial orders, 79,1011 Birkhoff, Garrett and Kotin, Leon, Essentially positive systems of linear differential equations, 71, 770 Birman, Joan S.,Abelian quotients of the mapping class group of a 2-manifold, 76, 147 Birman, Joan S. and Hilden, Hugh M., Isotopies ofhomeomorphisms ofRiemann surfaces and a theorem about Artin 's braid group, 78, 1002 , The homeomorphism problem for S 3 , 79, 1006 Bishop, R. L. and Goldberg, S. I., A characterization of the euclidean sphere, 72(1), 122 Bixby, Robert E., The minimum number of edges and vertices in a graph with edge connectivity n and m n-bounds, 80, 700 See Billera, Louis J. Blakley, G. R., Intrinsic characterization of polynomial transformations between vector spaces over a field of characteristic zero, 74, 472 Blass, J., On the Diophantine equation Y 2 + K=X$, 80, 329 Bloch, S., Torsion algebraic cycles, K^ and Brauer groups of function fields, 80, 941 Block, Richard E., Differentiably simple algebras, 74, 1086 , Modules over differential polynomial rings, 79, 729 , Irreducible representations of Lie algebra extensions, 80, 868 Bloom, C. O., Diffraction by a hyperbolic cylinder, 74,587 Bloom, Clifford O. and Kazarinoff, Nicholas D., Energy decays locally even if total energy grows algebraically with time, 79, 969 Blum, E. K., A note on free subsemigroups with two generators, 71, 678 Boardman, J. M., On manifolds with involution, 73, 136 Boardman, J. M. and Steer, B., Axioms for Hopf invariants, 72, 992 Boardman, J. M. and Vogt, R. M., Homotopyeverything H-spaces, 74, 1117 Boas, R. P., Jr., Fourier series with positive coefficients, 72,863 Boas, R. P., Jr. and Reddy, A. R., Zeros of successive derivatives of entire functions, 79,64 Bogdanowicz, Witold M., Integral representation of multilinear continuous operators from the space of Lebesgue-Bochner summable functions into any Banach space, 72,317 , Multilinear Lebesgue-Bochner-Stieltjes integral, 72, 232 Bojanic, R. and De Vore, R., A proof of Jackson's theorem, 75, 364 Boman, Jan and Shapiro, Harold S., Comparison theorems for a generalized modulus of continuity, 75, 1266 Bonic, Robert and Frampton, John, Differentiable functions on certain Banach spaces, 71,393 de Boor, Carl, A remark concerning perfect splines, 80, 724 Booth, Peter I., A unified treatment of some basic problems in homotopy theory, 79, 331 Bott, R. See Atiyah, M. F. Bott, R. and Haefliger, A., On characteristic classes of T-foliations, 78, 1039 Bouldin, Richard, Positive near-approximants and some problems of Halmos, 80, 313 Bourgin, D. G., On the Vietoris-Begle theorem, 76, 747 , Set valued transformations, 78, 597 , A degree for nonacyclic multiple-valued transformations, 80, 59 Bousfield, A. K. and Kan, D. M., Localization and completion in homotopy theory, 11, 1006 Bownds, J. M. and Cushing, J. M., A represen-RESEARCH ANNOUNCEMENTS 5 tation formula for linear Volterra integral equations, 79, 532 Brace, J. W., The space of continuous linear operators on a completion ofE* ® F, 75, 821 Braden, Bart, Restricted representations of classical Lie algebras of types A 2 and B^, 73, 482 Bragg, L. R., The radial heat equation with pole type data, 73, 133 Bragg, L. R. and Dettman, J. W., Related problems in partial differential equations, 74, 375 Brauer, Alfred and Gentry, Ivey C, On the characteristic roots of tournament matrices, 74,1133 Brauer, George, Summability viewed as integration, 74, 609 Brauer, Richard, On simple groups of order 5.3 Ö .2*, 74, 900 Brayton, R. K., Coppersmith, Donald and Hoffman, A. J., Self-orthogonal latin squares of all orders n =£ 2, 3, 6, 80, 116 Bredon, Glen E., Equivariant cohomology theories, 73, 266 , Equivariant stable stems, 73, 269 , Regular 0(n)-manifolds, suspension of knots, and knot periodicity, 79, 87 Breen, Lawrence S., On a nontrivial higher ex tension of representable abelian sheaves, 75, 1249 Brender, Allan, Stable complex manifolds, 72 978 Brenner, J. L., Gersgorin theorems by Householder's proof, 74, 625 , Some inequalities from switching theory, 75, 758 Brezin, Jonathan. See Auslander, Louis Brezis, Haim and Browder, Felix E., Some new results about Hammerstein equations, 80, 567 Brezis, Haim, Rosenkrantz, W. and Singer, B., An extension of Khintchine's estimate for large deviations to a class of Markov chains converging to a singular diffusion, 77, 980 Brickman, Louis, Extreme points of the set of univalent functions, 76, 372 , 0, 79, 1236 Cohen, Joel M., Some results on the stable homotopy groups of spheres, 72, 732 A note on Poincaré 2-complexes, for measures and a generalization of Gaussian measures, 75, 829 Cossey, John and Macdonald, Sheila Oates, A basis for the laws of PSL(2, 5), 74, 602 Cossey, John, Macdonald, Sheila Oates and Street, Anne Penfold, On the laws of certain linear groups, 75, 361 Cox, Lawrence, Formal A-modules, 79, 690 Cozzens, John H., Homological properties of the ring of differential polynomials, 76, 75 P. See Brown, H. I. Crawley, Peter. See Corner, A. L. S. Crawley, Peter and Hales, Alfred W., The structure of torsion abelian groups given by presentations, 74, 954 Crimmins, T. and Rosenthal, P., On the decomposition of invariant subspaces, 73, 97 Crittenden, Richard B. and Vanden Eynden, C. L., A proof of a conjecture of Erdös, 78, 763 75, 1326 Cohen, Joel M. and Gluck, Herman, Stacked Cryer, J. D. See Leadbetter, M. R. bases for modules, 75, 978 Csordas, G. L. and Reiter, H. B., Some re-Cohn, Leslie, Some theorems on C-functions, suits on separating function algebras, 78, 80, 921 578 Coif man, Ronald R., Remarks on weak type Csörgö, Miklós, K-sample analogues ofRenyVs RESEARCH ANNOUNCEMENTS Kolmogorov-Smirnov type theorems, 71, 616 Csô'rgô', Miklós and Csô'rgô', S., An invariance principle for the empirical process with random sample size, 76, 706. Csô'rgô', S. See Csô'rgô', Miklós Curtis, D. W. and Schori, R. M., 2 X and C(X) are homeomorphic to the Hubert cube, 80,927 Curtis, Edward B., Some nonzero homotopy groups of spheres, 75, 541 Curtis, Morton and Mislin, Guido, Two new H-spaces, 76, 851 Cushing, J. M. See Bownds, J. M. Czerniakiewicz, An astasia, Automorphisms of a free associative algebra of rank 2,11, 992 Dahmen, Wolfgang and Gorlich, Ernst, A conjecture ofM. Golomb on optimal and nearly-optimal linear approximation, 80,1199 Danskin, John M., Values in differential games, 80, 449 Darst, R. B.,On a theorem ofNikodym with applications to weak convergence and von Neumann algebras, 74, 283 , The Vitali-Hahn-Saks and Nikodym theorems for additive functions. II, 79,758 Dauns, John, Representation ofF-rings, 74, 249 Daverman, Robert J., Locally nice codimension one manifolds are locally flat, 79, 410 . Some new bounds on perturbation of sub spaces, IS, 863 Davis, Robert L., A Galois theory for a class of purely inseparable exponent two field extensions, 75, 1001 , Order algebras, 76, 83 Davis, William J., Schauder decompositions in Banach spaces, 74, 1083 Dean, David W., Direct factors of (AL)spaces, 71, 361 , Approximation and weak-star approximation in Banach spaces, 79, 725 Dean, Edward T. and Chambré, Paul L., On the solutions of the nonlinear eigenvalue problem Lu + \b(x)u = g(x, u), 76, 595 Deddens, James A. and Stampfli, Joseph G., On a question of Douglas and Fillmore, 79, 327 Dedecker, Paul and Lue, Abraham S.-T., A non-Abelian two-dimensional cohomology for associative algebras, 72, 1044 Delahan, F. A. and Strecker, G. E., A simplified approach to the compactification of mappings, 79, 1030 Delia Riccia, Giacomo, Iteration of analytic mappings of several complex variables, 75, 340 , Interiority of a holomorphic mapping on the set of its exceptional points, 74, 484 Delver, Robert, Variational problems within the class of solutions of a partial differential equation, 77, 1100 De Mar, Richard F., Multiple expansions in series of Boas and Buck polynomials, 78, 550 Dembart, Benjamin, Perturbation of semigroups on locally convex spaces, 79, 986 Dennis, R. Keith and Stein, Michael R., A new exact sequence for K2 and some consequences for rings of integers, 78, 600 , Infective stability for K2 of local rings, 80, 1010 Denzel, G. E., The hitting characteristics of a strong Markov process, with applications to continuous Martingales in R n , 72, 1026 De Sapio, R., Manifolds homeomorphic to sphere bundles over spheres, 75, 59 Dettman, J. W. See Bragg, L. R. Deutsch, Frank. See Brosowski, Bruno Deutsch, Frank and Morris, Peter D., On simultaneous approximation and interpolation which preserves the norm, IS, 812 De Vore, R. See Bojanic, R. De Wilde, M. See Garnir, H. G. Gitler, S. and Mahowald, M., The immersion and algebraic K-theory, 77, 117 of manifolds, 73, 696 , On the spectrum of algebraic K-the-Glaser, L. C, Intersections of combinatorial ory f 78, 216 balls and of Euclidean spaces, 72(1), 68 , Higher K-theory for regular schemes Glasner, Moses and Katz, Richard, A note on 79, 193 Roy den boundary, 75, 945 Gersten, S. M. and Rector, D. L., A relation Glasner, Moses, Katz, Richard and Nakai, between two simplicial algebraic K-theo-Mitsuru, A remark on classification of ries, 11, 397 Riemanman manifolds with respect to Gersten, Stephen, Whitehead groups of free Au = Pu, 77, 425 associative algebras, 71, 157 Glassman, N. D., Cohomology of nonassocia-Gerstenhaber, Murray, On infinite inseparable tive algebras, 74, 590 extensions of exponent one, 71, 878 Glimm, James and Jaffe, Arthur, Rigorous The third cohomology group of a quantum field theory models, 76, 407 ring and the commutative cohomology , The particle search in a quantum theory, 73, 950 field model, 79, 979 The obstruction to an automor-Glimm, James and Lax, P. D., Decay of soluphism of a filtered ring, 74, 695 tions of systems of hyperbolic conserva-, The fundamental form of a finite tion laws, 73, 105 purely inseparable field extension, 78, Gluck, Herman, Piecewise linear groups and 111 transformation groups, IS, 407 Gerstenhaber, Murray and Zaromp, Avigdor, , Deformations of normal vector On the Galois theory of purely insepar-fields and the generalized Minkowski probable field extensions, 76, 1011 lem, 11, 1106 Gerth, Frank III, Ranks of S y low 3-sub-. See Cohen, Joel M. groups of ideal class groups of certain Goelman, Don, Rational critical points of the cubic fields, 79, 521 reduced norm of an algebra, 80, 138 Geymonat, Giuseppe and Grubb, Gerd, Spec-Goffman, Casper, Linearly continuous funcial theory for boundary value problems tions of finite area, 72, 1055 for elliptic systems of mixed order, 80, Goguen, J. A., Categories of V-sets, IS, 622 1255 , Minimal realization of machines in Giffen, Charles H., On transformations of the closed categories, 78, 777 3-sphere fixing a knot, 73, 913 Goldberg, Samuel I. See Bishop, R. L. , Desuspendability of free involutions Goldberg, Samuel I. and Ishihara, Toru, Haron Brieskorn spheres, IS, 426 monic quasiconformal mappings of Rie-Smooth homotopy projective spaces, mannian manifolds, 80, 562 75, 509 Goldberg, Wallace, On the determination of Schur homotopy of the simplest a Hill's equation from its spectrum, 80, group, 80, 957 1111 Gil de Lamadrid, Jesus. See Argabright, Goldsmith, Deborah Louise, Motions of links Leon in the 3-sphere, 80, 62 Gilbert, John E., lP-convolution operators Goldstein, Charles, Eigenfunction expansions and tensor products of Banach spaces, 80, and similarity for certain nonselfadjoint 1127 operators, 75, 550 Gilbert, Robert P., A method of ascent for , The S-matrix associated with nonsolving boundary value problems, IS, self adjoint differential operators, 78, 411 1286 , The singularities of the S-matrix and ; See Colton, David Green's function associated with perturba-Gilbert, Robert P. and Hile, Gerald N., Gen-tions of-A acting in a cylinder, 79, 1303 eralized hyperanalytic function theory, Goldstein, Larry Joel, Analogues of Artin's 78, 998 conjecture, 74, 517 Gilbert, Robert P. and Howard, H. C, A gen-, Relative imaginary quadratic fields eralization o f a theorem of Nehari, 72(1), of low class number, 78, 80 37 Goldstein, Myron and Chow, T. R., A theo-Gilbert, Robert P. and Kukral, D., Function rem of Stout, 75, 953 theoretic methods for higher order, ellip-Goldstein, Ronald A. and Saeks, R., Trace tic equations in three independent vari-class, widths and the finite approximation ables, 79, 96 property in Banach space, 79, 57 Gilfeather, Frank. See Azoff, Edward A. von Golitschek, M., Generalization of the Gilmer, Robert, On Priifer rings, 78, 223 Jackson approximation theorems in the . See Arnold, Jimmy T. sense of Ch. Miintz, IS, 524 Gilmer, Robert and Heinzer, William, On the Golubitsky, Martin and Rothschild, Bruce, existence of exceptional field extensions, Primitive subalgebras of exceptional Lie 74, 545 algebras, 77, 983 Gilmore, Maurice E., Complex Stiefel mani-Goodman, Gerald S., A method for comparfolds, some homotopy groups and vector n > l J »™<*™* functions IS, S11 fields 73 630 Goodman, Roe, Analytic domination by frac-' * tional powers of a positive operator, 74, Gitler, S. See Feder, S. 702 14 INDEX-VOLUMES 71-80 Gordon, C. McA., A short proof of a theorem of plans on the homology of the branched cyclic coverings of a knot, 77, 85 Gordon, Robert, Lenagan, Thomas H. and Robson, J. C, Krull dimension-nilpotency and Gabriel dimension, 79, 716 Gordon, Robert S., On the automorphism group of a semisimple Jordan algebra of characteristic zero, 75, 499 Gordon, William B., Physical variational principles which satisfy the Palais-Smale condition, 78, 712 Gordon, Y. and Lewis, D. R., Absolutely summing, L j factorizable operators and their applications, 79, 1270 Gorlich, Ernst. See Butzer, P. L. . See Dahmen, Wolfgang Gorostiza, Luis G., A central limit theorem for a class of d-dimensional random motions with constant speed, 78, 575 Gossez, Jean-Pierre, Boundary value problems for quasilinear elliptic equations with rapidly increasing coefficients, 78, 753 Gottlieb, Daniel H., A new invariant of homotopy type and some diverse applications, 71, 517 Graef, John R., Boundedness and oscillation of solutions of the Liénard equation, 77, 418 Graham, Ian, Boundary behavior of the Carathèodory, Kobayashi, and Bergman metrics on strongly pseudoconvex domains in O 1 with smooth boundary, 79, 749 Graham, Phyllis, Cohomology of dihedral groups of order 2p, 72, 324 Graham, R. L. and Rothschild, B. L., Ramsey's theorem for n-dimensional arrays, 75,418 Gramain, André, Bounding immersions of codimension 1 in the euclidean space, 76, 361 Granirer, E. 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