Some mesostigmatic mites from Iran with their world distribution

Fariba Kadkhodae Eliaderani, Alireza Nemati, Farhan Kocheili
J. Crop Prot   unpublished
Edaphic Mesostigmata are important, because these feed on arthropods and other invertebrates which may affect natural equilibrium of other living microorganisms. In order to study the fauna of mesostigmatic mites, samples of soil and litter were collected from different parts of Esfahan region. Mites were extracted by means of Berlese funnel, cleared in Lactic acid and mounted in Hoyer's medium. In this research, the world and Iranian distribution of species with some information about their
more » ... tion about their habitats are provided. Two genera and 3 species were recorded as new records for Iran mite fauna that are marked by an asterisk. The list of identified genera and species is as follows: