W. Ewart
1897 The Lancet  
THE following case may be of interest to those who concern themselves with abdominal surgery, in that the whole stomach protruded through a very small opening on the right side of the body, the result of an accident. The patient was a little girl, aged eight years, who was ranning on an errand for her mother, carrying a pint bottle in her right band. She appears to have tripped and fallen forward on to the neck of the bottle, which caused a V-shaped wound at the lower part of the ribs, in a
more » ... the ribs, in a line with the right nipple, into the abdominal cavity. It was stated that immediately afterwards there was protrusion of something which had incressed to morethan twice the size of what it was at the time. She was brought to hospital two hours after the accident. The child was seen at once, when the entire stomach was found protruding, with a small part of the first portion of the duodenum. The stomach was very much distended with gas and quite tense. The child was suffering from shock slightly and a little pain. She was at once put under chloroform, the stomach and surrounding parts were cleansed with soap and water and mercurial lotion, and an attempt was made to return the displaced organ, without avail, which necessitated an incision being made about two inches long from the inner side of the wound towards the mesial line, through the abdominal wall; after this the stomach was replaced and the wound was closed. After completion of the stitches it was found that the dimensions of the original wound were three-quarters of an inch in one direction and half an inch in the other. The patient made a good recovery, the temperature being normal all the time ot her residence in the hospital. The wound was dressed with iodoform and healed by first intention. Secunderabad. NOTE ON
doi:10.1016/s0140-6736(00)31192-8 fatcat:xdzu4mjktjejlb2mdbblzkuw6e