Vertical vibration attenuation for truck's suspension seat by adjusting air spring stiffness

Pornporm Boonporm, Kriattisak Houdjaroen, Thanarat Baumart
2019 Vibroengineering PROCEDIA  
Our study deals with the vibration isolation at the suspension seat to reduce the human body's harmfulness from the oscillation. The unwanted vibration transmitted from unpredicted road roughness via chassis throughout to the driver in widely range of excited frequency. The passive suspension cannot overcome the problem, but the active suspension is too complicate and expensive for this system. Consequently, we propose the idea concerning an adjustment of the air spring stiffness in order to
more » ... nge the characteristic of the system. The air spring stiffness was initially identified via the vibration investigation and measurement. After that, the method of stiffness adjustment is proposed. The result show that the weight root mean square vertical acceleration must follow the comfort range following ISO 2631-1.
doi:10.21595/vp.2019.20709 fatcat:zfcjexzm3zebpcgqb4utr4yase