Clinical Studies on Postcoital Hematuria

Soo Hyung Lee, Sun Il Kim, Hyun Soo Ahn, Young Soo Kim, Se Joong Kim
2008 Korean Journal of Urology  
Purpose: A study was conducted to evaluate the clinical characteristics of patients with postcoital hematuria without bloody ejaculate. Materials and Methods: The records of 21 men (mean age 48.6 years, range 27-64 years) with isolated postcoital hematuria without bloody ejaculate were retrospectively reviewed. Patients underwent routine laboratory testing including coagulation studies and urological evaluation which included urinalysis, urine cytology, abdominal and transrectal
more » ... and cystourethroscopy. Results: Among total 21 patients, there were no detectable abnormalities in 11 (52.4%) patients. Lesions were found in 10 (47.6%) patients, which included 1 pathologically proven prostatic urethral hemangioma, 5 benign prostatic hyperplasia, 1 bladder neck obstruction, and 3 ultrasonographically identified seminal vesicle dilatation. In 19 (90.5%) patients, symptom subsided after treatment or simple observation without recurrences. In the remaining two patients, postcoital hematuria has still persisted intermittently. Conclusions: Thorough evaluations are necessary in the case of postcoital hematuria as treatable lesions could be identified. In cases without identifiable causes, the patients could be reassured that the condition is benign and self-limiting. (Korean J Urol 2008;49:262-265)
doi:10.4111/kju.2008.49.3.262 fatcat:bh4g6if7a5auzarmfru3o4fex4