Problemi e prospettive dell'organizzazione sindacale

Anna Maria Battisti
2013 : Sinossi Internet di Diritto del Lavoro e della Sicurezza Sociale  
- The author begins from historical reconstruction of consistent and continuous evolution of the discipline which has taken place both in private and public sector, in search of a real principle of recognition. However, she perceives the tension which characterize the actual relationships between CGIL, CISL, UIL and the risk its affects the industrial relations system. The author - after a careful analysis of the guidelines and issues arising, on the one hand, both from the recent Fiat
more » ... e agreements and the section 8, law no.143 of 2011 and on the other hand from the recent proposals concerning trade union representation,with particular reference to the trade union negotiators inside the company – concludes,in light of the current economic and financial crisis, that the dialogue between CGIL, CISL, UIL is able to play a fundamental role in the governance of the Italian industrial relationships. <p style="margin-top: 0.1cm; margin-bottom: 0.2cm; background: transparent; font-variant: normal; font-style: no [...]
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