Tengku Firli Musfar, Rani Parlina, Jurusan Manajemen, Fakultas Ekonomi, Universitas Riau, Kampus Bina, Widya Km, Simpang Baru -Pekanbaru
2014 JURNAL EKONOMI   unpublished
ABSTRAK Customer-oriented is a marketing strategy that applies in many company recently because it is important to know the value of the delivered product/service from the customer perspective. That's why, writer interested to know how is the customer value at My Salon International on Ciputra Seraya Mall Pekanbaru. This study based on the definition of customer value that declared by Philip Kotler which is, Customer Value is the different between Perceived Benefit toward Perceived Cost of
more » ... ceived Cost of Purchase. Perceived benefit variable consist of 4 dimensions; product value, service value, personal value, and image value. On the other side, perceived cost of purchase variables consist of cost, time, and energy. The highest benefit that delivered to the customer with the lowest sacrifice that that given by the customer, will gives the positive customer value company in the customer perspective. To reach the competitive best value, company has to provide the superior value by giving the best benefit with the lowest sacrifice. Collecting data technique by spread the questioner to the respondent, total sample is 100 respondents and the respondents chosen by quota accidental sampling technique. Analysis method that used in this study is qualitative and quantitative analysis method. By describes the scoring result on each attribute of perceived benefit and perceived cost of purchase variable. The result on each attributes score from both variable of customer value, concluded that customer value at My Salon International on Ciputra Seraya Mall Pekanbaru is positive because the delivered benefit is higher than the customer sacrifice, that is 3,59 > 2,48. On the perceived benefit variable known that the respondents agree to the average range scale. Company delivered benefit that giving the highest contribution toward positive customer value with average range scale 4.05 according to the respondents is personal value. It means that respondent agree to all of the attributes of the personal value in the questioner. But, the dimension image value the customer responses on average range quite agree. That happens because the weak of the image that company performs. And to the perceived cost of purchase variable, customer give a good response to every attributes of the dimensions, such as cost, time and energy because the average range scale from all dimensions stand on agree level.