A new family of kernels from the beta polynomial kernels with applications in density estimation

Israel Uzuazor Siloko, Wilson Nwankwo, Edith Akpevwe Siloko
2020 IJAIN (International Journal of Advances in Intelligent Informatics)  
One of the fundamental data analytics tools in statistical estimation is the non-parametric kernel method that involves probability estimates production. The method uses the observations to obtain useful statistical information to aid the practicing statistician in decision making and further statistical investigations. The kernel techniques primarily examine essential characteristics in a data set, and this research aims to introduce new kernel functions that can easily detect inherent
more » ... es in any given observations. However, accurate application of kernel estimator as data analytics apparatus requires the kernel function and smoothing parameter that regulates the level of smoothness applied to the estimates. A plethora of kernel functions of different families and smoothing parameter selectors exist in the literature, but no one method is universally acceptable in all situations. Hence, more kernel functions with smoothing parameter selectors have been propounded customarily in density estimation. This article proposes a distinct kernel family from the beta polynomial kernel family using the exponential progression in its derivation. The newly proposed kernel family was evaluated with simulated and life data. The outcomes clearly indicated that this kernel family could compete favorably well with other kernel families in density estimation. A further comparison of numerical results of the new family and the existing beta family revealed that the new family outperformed the classical beta kernel family with simulation and real data examples with the aid of asymptotic mean integrated squared error (AMISE) as criterion function. The information obtained from the data analysis of this research could be used for decision making in an organization, especially when human and material resources are to be considered. In addition, Kernel functions are vital tools for data analysis and data visualization; hence the newly proposed functions are vital exploratory tools.
doi:10.26555/ijain.v6i3.456 fatcat:alb5nygqnjgfrn3y7dovcw2tdu