Big Data, capacitações dinâmicas e valor para o negócio [thesis]

Michel Lens Seller
The combination of the technologies of social media, mobility and cloud computing has dramatically increased the volume, variety and velocity of data available for firms. Many companies have been looking at this phenomenon, also known as Big Data, as a source of value to business. The literature shows different mechanisms for transforming Big Data in business value. First of them is agility, herein understood as the ability of sensing and rapidly responding to changes and opportunities in the
more » ... mpetitive environment. Other mechanism is the usage of Big Data as an enabler of dynamic capabilities that result in operational improvements, through the deepening (exploit) of determined operational capability. Finally, Big Data can be the facilitator of dynamic capabilities that result in innovation (explore of new capabilities) and in the launching of new product and services in the market. Within this context, the goal of this study is to investigate the approach for Big Data usage in companies from different competitive scenarios and with different levels of IT capability. It is also part of the objectives to investigate how companies changed their processes to accommodate the huge volume of data available from Big Data. Through case studies in companies of different industries and with different Big Data approaches, the study shows Big Data as an enabler of dynamic capabilities that result in the improvement of operational capabilities, in the diversification of business and in innovation. It has also been identified the trend of association of machine learning to Big Data when the objective is operational agility. IT capability shows to be determinant of the quantity and complexity of the competitive actions launched from Big Data. To conclude, it is valid to anticipate that due to simplification coming from cloud technologies, IT resources will be increasingly released to working close to businessas, for example, in Big Data initiativesstrengthening dynamic capabilities and creating value to business.
doi:10.11606/t.3.2018.tde-06092018-105017 fatcat:wxc4oabgzjdcbcqd6b65oph6hy