Nature of contact deformation of TiN films on steel

S. Bhowmick, Z-H. Xie, M. Hoffman, V. Jayaram, S.K. Biswas
2004 Journal of Materials Research  
Nanoindentation experiments were carried out on a columnar ∼1.5-m-thick TiN film on steel using a conical indenter with a 5-m tip radius. Microstructural examination of the contact zone indicates that after initial elastic deformation, the deformation mechanism of the TiN is dominated by shear fracture at inter-columnar grain boundaries of the TiN film. A simple model is proposed whereby the applied load is partitioned between a deforming TiN annulus and a central expanding cavity in the steel
more » ... ubstrate. It is possible to obtain a good fit to the experimental load-displacement curves with only one adjustable parameter, namely the inter-columnar shear fracture stress of the TiN film. The implication of results in the context of the performance of TiN films in service is also discussed.
doi:10.1557/jmr.2004.0339 fatcat:o6xtauvnijhtpprelafkrbpxqq