Standardization of doses, that is Matranischity of Pratham Triphala Rasayana in the management of Mutraghata with special reference to Chronic Renal Failure

Sanjivani Nitin Rathod
2019 Ayurlog: national journal of research in ayurveda science  
In today's era due to unending process of globalization, we are acquiring the western culture blinding like eating fast food, preserved food, late night sleeping or shifting duties and secondary life style with lot of stress, due to this, disturbances in metabolism occurs hence there is increasing incidences of life style disorders like Hypertension, Diabetes mellitus, Obesity etc. later in chronic condition this patients comes with chronic kidney diseases. As per Ayurveda CKD is disease of
more » ... D is disease of mutravaha strotasa and It correlated with Mutraghata. Formation and Excretion of urine is takes place in pakwashaya. Basti is one of the main marma out of three marma. If problem takes place in these marma it becomes life threatening. Hence it is need of era to find out supportive, rejuneuating treatment for such patients to expel the toxins from the body. Hence Pratham triphala rasayana this drug is chosen for CKD patients. It is Anulomak, its action on pakwashaya, it regulates Apana vayu hence toxins expel out from the body, because of rasayana effect datu vardhana also takes place. Pratham triphala rasayana contains Survary Haritaki, Aamalaki, Bibhitaki. As per Charak Aacharya one Surwari Haritaki is given in the morning empty stomach,2 Bibhitaki is given before meal and 4 Aamalaki is given after meal with honey and ghee respectively. Here Charakacharya has mentioned this does in the form of phala or fruit, since the size and weight of every fruit of triphala differs hence it is highly impossible to conduct clinical trial on it. Therefore we have decided to standardize the fruit(phala) and convert it into its churna form so that equal dose of this rasayana can be given to the patients which are under trial.
doi:10.52482/ayurlog.v7i07.466 fatcat:vr5mhfdsrffd7cyznlbmvcnioe