Magneto-dilatonic Bianchi-I cosmology: isotropization and singularity problems

K A Bronnikov, E N Chudayeva, G N Shikin
2004 Classical and quantum gravity  
We study the evolution of Bianchi-I space-times filled with a global unidirectional electromagnetic field $F_{mn}$ interacting with a massless scalar dilatonic field according to the law \Psi(\phi) F^{mn} F_{mn} where \Psi(\phi) > 0 is an arbitrary function. A qualitative study, among other results, shows that (i) the volume factor always evolves monotonically, (ii) there exist models becoming isotropic at late times and (iii) the expansion generically starts from a singularity but there can be
more » ... ty but there can be special models starting from a Killing horizon preceded by a static stage. All these features are confirmed for exact solutions found for the usually considered case \Psi = e^{2\lambda\phi}, \lambda = const. In particular, isotropizing models are found for |\lambda| > 1/\sqrt{3}. In the special case |\lambda| = 1, which corresponds to models of string origin, the string metric behaviour is studied and shown to be qualitatively similar to that of the Einstein frame metric.
doi:10.1088/0264-9381/21/14/005 fatcat:l2ecuule2rf5bferr5bnxvp3ba