Calculation Method for Electromagnetic Parameters of Single Rod Grounding Elect- rode at Flowing of Alternating Current of Mains Frequency

D. A. Gerasimovich, A. A. Dziaruhina
2014 Izvestiâ Vysših Učebnyh Zavedenij i Ènergetičeskih ob Edinennij SNG. Ènergetika  
The paper proposes a calculation method for electromagnetic parameters of single continuously long rod grounding electrode of tubular section at flowing of alternating current of mains frequency into the ground. The method is based on the Maxwell equations. The paper gives a distribution calculation of vertical and radial components of current density using finite differences.
doi:10.21122/1029-7448-2009-0-5-14-19 doaj:e56be4b58039435cbcd789da133a7642 fatcat:qhfr3hhzofdntcbynyihaad53u