4th International Conference "Nanotechnologies"

Alex Gerasomov, Levan Chkhartishvili
2022 Nano Studies  
The development of a global preferred orientation in the thermotropic phase of the propanoate ester of hydroxypropylcellulose subjected to shear flow is evaluated using time-resolving X-ray scattering procedures. At low shear rates the global orientation parameters, , , are close to zero, but at a critical shear rate which shows some dependence on the temperature, there is a marked increase in orientation with shear rate. However, a flow aligning regime is not attained for the shear rate range
more » ... onsidered here (from 0.1 to 190 s -1 ). Upon cessation of shear flow, the system relaxes to a globally isotropic state with a rate which is independent of the prior shear rate but is strongly dependent on the temperature.
doi:10.52340/ns.2010.04 fatcat:ghwwgjzlujaxpf3g3l5hh5ky6m