Determination of cohesive parameters for mode II of epoxy adhesive

Tomáš Kalina
The paper deals with the determination of cohesive parameters of adhesive Scotch-Weld DP490 3M. Mode II of cohesive damage were examined. Experimental testing was performed on the test specimens to determine the mechanical properties of the adhesive according to ASTM D7905. The results of the experimental testing were compared with the numerical simulation of the same test. The cohesive parameters of the adhesive were obtained from the numerical simulation. Cohesive parameters of adhesive can
more » ... used to design real complex adhesive bonded joints. Cohesive models (specifically cohesive contacts or cohesive elements) are one of the most accurate methods of modeling adhesive bonded joints, so this method is mainly used for parts where it is necessary to ensure sufficient strength, such as in automotive, aviation, etc. Based on numerical simulation cohesive parameters of adhesive Scotch-Weld DP490 for mode II were obtained. Critical value of the strain energy release for Mode II conditions (GIIc) was determined to be equal to 2 321.3 [J/m^2=N/m]. Stiffness of the adhesive (kII) was determined to be equal to 140 [GPa/m].
doi:10.21062/mft.2020.042 fatcat:ozg4sehqdzb4bnto5bgndvapji